How do we process the visa at EES Consultancy?

  • We start from the local demand. We contact companies or we are contacted by local companies who want to hire “guest workers”. Hungarian government, for instance, welcome “guest workers". It means that the government is issuing working visas easily.

  • Either we propose directly workers, or we get in contact with an agency to provide for the matching profile for the job position
  • We check the education and the experience of the candidate, and then we check the level of English. Candidate should be able to speak a correct level of English in order to live and work abroad

  • We provide to the local company the profile of the appropriate candidate. They approve, and then we start the paperwork. We process the work permit at the Labor office. The candidate has an interview at the consulate/embassy as well. If everything goes well, he gets the visa for 1/2 years.
  • In our package, we provide all services. Once the candidate arrives, we make sure he reaches his future work location safely

  • important note : our basic package includes everything list above. If you wish to have a service that meets specifically your needs, please let us know. We will come back to you with a proper offer.

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